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CFS is a specialist fire door company that concentrates on what it does best and that is supplying and installing fire doors, frames and all door hardware.

All installations done by CFS are guaranteed to comply to all applicable codes and standards (AS1905.1) as every member of our team is a fully qualified carpenter and every installation is monitored, tagged and certified by the company director.

CFS does not sub contract out any install labour, it is all done in house and that is how we can keep margins low and pass the savings on to the customer.
We are a SYDNEY based company but we have done and continue to do interstate works all over the country.

We supply and install any where from a one off fire door replacement up to the large construction projects that contain over 300 doors.

We maintain and service all types of doors, frames, hinges, locks and door closers so if you need a quote please get in contact with us because we are the fire door specialists.