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Frequently Asked Questions

We service all of the Sydney metro area. We also travel many places too including Newcastle, The hunter region, Wollongong/south coast and central NSW so if you have a project just let us know and I'm sure we can help.

Yes, we offer painting of all new items to match your existing or chosen paint colours.

Yes, we do all lock replacements, re-fits and all associated door hardware as well being door closers, peep holes, panic exit bars etc

We can attend to test, inspect and report on the compliance of any door that has a defect and advise you how the issue can be resolved.

With painted fire doors we only use and recommend paint ply or duracoat veneers. We will not use MDF veneer due to its tendency to absorb moisture and swell. We also supply stain grade sliced pacific maple veneer as standard. However we can supply and specified veneer so let us know what you need and we can help.

Yes we can re weld and repair metal door frames.

Yes, we do cut out and retro fit new doors frames.

Yes, we do retro fit new frames and doors to unit entries and common area doors. Get in contact and we can help you with this.